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Are you a more technical team trying to get to grips with a new stack?

Technology team retooling

We are specialists in technology education, developing approaches and methodologies that cut down the time to first value from months to days. We ensure that your retooling goes smoothly with deterministic outcomes.

Are you a less technical business team wanting to be more independent with technology?

Business team tech up-skilling

We work with business teams, up-skilling and enabling them to create their own basic I.T. systems. We support and educate teams that aspire to become more technology literate. Our customers are joining the Data Democracy.

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Skill Sprints

A Skill Sprint is a customizable technique which sets up a team with a new technology quickly and efficiently - normally within a week. Led by a subject expert, the participants are coached as they deliver on a real goal with the target technology.

Participants learn by doing. Skill Sprints allow you to invest in your people with a guaranteed, measurable ROI for the organization.

Capability Cultivation

We can slow drip skills and best practice into your organization allowing your staff to take control of a technology with a more relaxed time-frame.

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Short-term, high impact technology adoption programs

We ensure your operations are sustainable and independent at every stage.

Limited scope, technology centric transformations that can be delivered within days.